Our two core

We’re entrepreneurs working with entrepreneurs and the two most important preconditions for growth ‒ individual skill and entrepreneurial acumen ‒ are deeply embedded within our partnership. These give us the opportunity to act and resolve jointly with company management.


At Axiom Partners, we know how to implement a well-thought-over strategy. Chairman of the board Guus Franke holds a strong international reputation in innovative financial structuring and performant buy-and-build strategies. In his vision, investing in companies should be simple and straightforward. His direct and energetic style as a founder and a partner allows us to execute quickly in an environment that also brings fun and excitement. After an acquisition, Axiom always pursues further growth with an eye to the long term. Guus Franke has more than 20 years of experience in Private Equity and Corporate Finance across Europe and the US. He founded NedFact and was the managing director of RiverRock Europe and led a successful buy-and-build strategy at HeadFirst Group as an investment of Axiom.

Stakeholder intimacy

We believe stakeholder intimacy boils down to living up to the needs of our portfolio companies, our financial partners and of course our own staff. It focuses entirely on relationship marketing, long-term bonds and lifetime value. It is a strategy that encompasses close communication and resource creation as a way of helping our stakeholders get the most out of our companies. Company acquisition requires a keen understanding of people’s needs. We always aim to immerse ourselves in the staff culture of the company, get to know the issues people are grappling with and tap into our competencies to address those needs. We strongly feel that being a successful entrepreneur means understanding people.