14 APR 2022 – PIPM and Axiom invest in relaunch of climate friendly aerosol producer Airopack

April 13, 2022 Readtime: 3 minutes
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14 APR 2022 – PIPM and Axiom invest in relaunch of climate friendly aerosol producer Airopack

Acquisition suits investment company’s buy-and-build strategy

Amsterdam, April 14 2022 – Private company Platinum Invest B.V. (PI), a joint venture between PIPM and investment company Axiom Partners Netherlands, immediately initiates the relaunch of Airopack. Due to this revitalization 30 out of 45 employees are able to remain their positions within the company. In addition, PI came to agreements with suppliers and property owners. The takeover of the high-tech factory for environmental-friendly dispensing systems fully suits the joint venture’s buy-and-build strategy.

Airopack produces the most environmentally friendly aerosols, completely made from recyclable synthetics. They replace conventional aerosols that contain toxic gasses and use normal air instead. PI sees big potential in the proven and worldwide patented technology behind the product. “As a team, we are very pleased with the thoroughness and support of PI, so that we can continue with the production and further marketing and development of the unique Airopack packaging”, Airopack CEO Ronald Jonkhoff commented. “I’m very happy that we were able to pull through with a relaunch at the very last moment. This is great news for most of our employees.”

Manufacturing sector
Airpoack is PIPM and Axiom’s first joint investment in the manufacturing sector. This acquisition is closely related to the business’ joint buy-and-build and restructuring competences. Together with the employees in place at Axiom, PI is working hard for a successful relaunch. “With Airopack, we are establishing a foothold in the manufacturing sector, focusing primarily on sustainable products,” says Guus Franke, Founding Partner of Axiom. “Due to a combination of historical factors, the organization was no longer financially sound. However, until recently, the factory has delivered the highest international standards and product quality, enabling a relaunch under the aegis of PIPM and Axiom. Moreover, it is an ultra-modern factory with advanced machines and a professional organization with advanced procedures. We are happy to welcome Airopack to our portfolio and to offer them the opportunity to work under our wings towards a financially healthy company.”

Specially founded joint venture
Platinum Invest is a joint venture which Axiom Partners and PIPM founded to realize Airopacks well deserved relaunch. Wim Dieker, CEO PIPM, explains: “During the settlement of the bankruptcy, we were under enormous time pressure to make decisions. Within a week we looked at and assessed both the machinery and the organization, and we agreed with Axiom to join forces. In the short term we will breathe new life into the existing suppliers and thus become a future-proof organization holder again. Expansion of sales and marketing has priority in this regard.”

About Airopack
Airopack manufactures the most environmentally friendly dispensing system in the world. Purely air powered, completely transparent and sprayable at 360 degrees. As an international player in the packaging industry, Airpoack contributes to a better environment. By continuously innovating in the field of sustainability and recyclability, Airopack is at the forefront in the world of sustainable packaging. For more information, check out the website:

About Axiom
Axiom, originally Swiss, is a fast-growing investment company. With recent acquisitions such as De Staffing Groep (DSG) and Cannock Chase, the company now has more than one billion euros in turnover in the Netherlands. Axiom was founded based on the vision that within its investment company there is a unique combination of individual competences, entrepreneurship and the ability to act quickly and decisively. With this decisive approach and expertise, Axiom rolls out successful buy & build strategies in, among others, the staffing, financial and sustainability sectors. Axiom expects to announce new acquisitions in the near future.