Cannock EDR Holding

Acquired in 2021 Branche: Credit Data Management & Collections
As a Dutch unicorn, CEH is relatively unknown to the general public and investors.


By investing in CEH, Axiom has expanded the company’s range of financial products. We aim for sustainable international growth in the financial sector.

Economic Data Resources is a unique database of tremendous value. It stores the payment behavior of every Dutch citizen, thus removing some major financial risks faced by third parties.

Guus Franke, CEO of Axiom, observes: “It’s an amazing company, with 400 enthusiastic and technically gifted employees, a company that can make a difference. CEH is a catalyst in our push towards the European top.”

CEH is a major player in credit management. Apart from maintaining its current services, Axiom Partners aims to grow the business in two areas, namely outsourcing and services. Operations will be combined with the recently acquired De Staffing Groep and a potential financing company for small- and medium-sized enterprises.

Rotterdam, Netherlands Skyline

Axiom seeks international growth for CEH by adding financial products tailored to SMEs. Traditional banks increasingly fail to serve these businesses. Axiom intends to fill the niche through the introduction of factoring and other financing products in order to improve companies’ credit management and funding options.

The growth we expect for CEH’s financing products should lead to commensurate growth in the workforce. Axiom is impressed by the quality of the company’s current staff and management, and has no plans to restructure. As Guus Franke explains: “We’d like to invest in broader career opportunities that span the globe.”

Axiom will invest in IT and in the private debt and NPL segments.